Models Wanted

You have the pretty face and the great body.

But lack you experiences?
We have a cameraman who took photos for the United Nations when he was young.
He coaches you in fluent English.

★ Halloween model wanted ☆
a lovely ♀ temptation in devil costume wanted
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We are looking for models, actresses, etc. in and around Tokyo for

#1. sexy mail order business (swimsuits, underclothes, accessories)
#2. non-nudes, nudes, cosplays, etc.
#3. interviews (actresses and interviewees wanted for sexy confessions)

We never take a registration fee from a model. You can contact us by the send form below. We will be happy to give you one time job, too.
You are required to show your ID so that your age can be verified. The cameraman shows you his ID, too.
We pay you a petty cash more than enough to cover your transportation expenses even if you can not pass the interview or camera test or you decline the job offer at the end.
We hand you documents to show you the terms and conditions before taking photos.
We pay you the guarantee before taking photos.
The job interview will be about one hour or less. The camera test will be two hours or less. The work will be, generally speaking, two hours to half day.
When we go on location outside of Tokyo area, all expenses, transportations, hotel bills, food costs, are on our account.
Your guarantee depends on the job, but generally speaking, yen 2,000~10,000/hour for #1, 1,000~20,000/hour for #2 and 2,000~4,000/hour for #3.
If you want, we give you the copy of our work once we end the basic processing. (you can have your portfolios taken by a professional cameraman and you are paid)
We do not use your personal information other than hiring you for the job.
We may offer you a work in USA only if you can work in USA, such that you have the valid passport, have no criminal record, etc. If you need working visa for long term work, our head office in L.A. will arrange it for you.

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