Female models wanted

You are registered as a model once you pass the camera test.
We select and take photos of the most adequate model(s) for each edition.
You work to show off and show up the clothes.
They are sexy. They may be narrow, small or thin. They are made for man's eyes.
You must have a great body.
But you do not need to be tall as we are looking for photo models, not show models. We look for well-balanced bodies.
Your face is not important. Unless we take photos of earrings, etc., your face will not be shown. I'm sorry for you pretty faces.
Send us application anytime. We will arrange the job interview, the camera test and the photo shootings for your convenience. You do not need to live in Tokyo. Contact us. The cameraman may be able to travel to you.

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★ Halloween model wanted ☆
a lovely ♀ temptation in devil costume wanted
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